Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gotten choosen for a fashion show

Hi veryone Mirama Inc. Has choosen me to be in thier fashion show. On the 24th of july at 9 am slt. I like you all attend see see what improvment I made since my begining of my first day becomming a model. I'm pretty excited for this for this will be my first show with thr agency since my graduation with them. I like to thank Ma and UCWS for all their surport they have given me also. I'll be at my best performance.
thank you.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Desi mcKeenan

Hi everyone this is my second time im in the UCWS do to real issues I want to thank Steve and Arnol for a second chance. I know i can do it. I passed to preivious schools. This makes it my third. I just want to say thank to all of you.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Becoming the best

Hi everyone in blog land. I have been into the fashion and modeling world for
almost 5 months now. I started out with Mystique Modeling angencey and
graduated in Feb of 2010. they are no long in service. So I continued on and signed
up with Ma Modeling angency which I be graduating there tomorrow. Now Im
with Hollywood productions and gonna continque with my career to my fullest
Thank you

Getting by

Hi everyone things are getting all shakey here since I'm not working
But hoping I be going back to work before it really get's raugh.
But we will manage hopefully. Get our feet back on the ground.
Thank you.


I just want to announce to blog that I'm in a Hawaiiain beauty pagnet.
It will be airing at 12 pm slt on June 19th.
Hope you all can watch it and wish me lot's of luck.
Thank you to all